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1865 Sardinia1865 Sardinia is a board game belonging to the 18xx series for 2-4 players and set on the Sardinia island (and Corsica).

Game Info

Ages: 14+
Players: 3-6
Playing Time: 180-240 minutes
Designer: Alessandro Lala

Official Rules

Rules (English)

Regles (French)

Spelregels (Dutch)

Regole (Italiano)

Sunto_Regole (Italiano)



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18XX Group 18XX Group 2


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Assembly Instructions

Tile Manifest

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1865 Sardinia -First time assembly operation

Unpuching the components

Certificates, trains and loans are pretty straightforward. Tiles are a bit more difficult to unpunch, my suggestion is to tear along the diagonal line which is straight enough to avoid bending the parts.

Mounting the tokens

Unpeel the circular labels with the help of a sharp knife (I actually managed to do it with my bare hands) and stick them onto the wooden discs. The colour association between coloured tokens and companies can be found on the table at page 3 of the rulebook. Note that for historical reason we assigned the purple disc to company CFD. There are no black discs.

You will be left with one spare circular label for each company. This is a spare in case you get it wrong (don't!).

Packing in zip bags (plus version only)

Below is my chosen format for storing the game.

I used one bag for double sided certificates and one different bag for single sided certificates (it makes for a quicker setup cause single sided certificates are used later in the game).


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1865 Sardinia


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