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1865 Sardinia1865 Sardinia is a board game belonging to the 18xx series for 2-4 players and set on the Sardinia island (and Corsica).

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Ages: 14+
Players: 3-6
Playing Time: 180-240 minutes
Designer: Alessandro Lala

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1865 Sardinia - Frequently Asked Questions

Last update 03.08.2011


Q - pag.6
"Traffic chips are the black cubes in the game."
Except when they're purple. Or blue.
A - purple cubes represent 5 traffic chips; blue cubes represent 10 traffic chips.
We decided to use different colours as someone got confused when having all black cubes.

Q - Rules points out that traffic chips for the home base are given to the company when it floats. However companies like SFS and FCS may start from a location with no tile and therefore no traffic. When do they get the traffic and how much?
A - Companies that start from a location with no tile/traffic get their initial traffic when the President (or someone else) first lay a yellow tile on the home hexes. These companies will receive the full amount of traffic printed on the tile. e.g. the FCS will receive 2 traffic when a yellow city tile is laid on the home hex.


Q - Are Maritime companies counted as certificates for the certificate limit? It's not explicitly said in the rules. Private companies are usually counted as certificates?
A - Maritime Companies are not certificates and do not count against the certificate limit.

Q - pag.13
If, at the beginning of a stock round 50% of the shares of a company are already in the open market, will the dragons be able to sell shares of that company? (if that company is in the red zone)
Similar, if for example 40% of the shares are in the open market, and the dragons hold two 10% shares, will they sell both shares, or only 10%?
A - None can exceed the 50% limit of the Bank Pool (also known as the Open Market), not even the Dragons. They just sell up to the 50% limit and retain any remaining certificate. Of course, should room be available in the Bank Pool later in the round, they will sell those certificates in the red at the next useful occasion.

Q - pag.16
"Once a player has sold a certificate of a company, that player may
not buy another certificate in that company in the current stock round. "
But may they re-buy the same certificate they sold?
A - No. A player may not buy any other certificate in that company included the one he just sold.


Q - pag.24
"If the purchase of a train triggers a phase change and that change
reduces the number of trains a company may own, the company is not
allowed to purchase that other train."
So, if a newly launched company buys the first PH3 train and reduces
the number of trains allowed to 3, they may not purchase a second
train. Really?

A - No. The sentence is probably badly written.
What it means is that a company cannot buy a new train if by doing so it would find itself in excess of the new train limit triggered by the new train purchase.


Q - pag.17
"After phase 5 has been triggered (or when a company re-enters the
game after being absorbed), all newly launched companies start as major. "
Does that really mean that when a company re-enters the game, all
newly launched companies start as majors, even if phase 5 has not
been triggered?

A - yes. The absorbed company restarts as a major even if phase 5 has not been triggered yet.

Q - pag.28
"The acquiring company must replace all the tokens laid on the map by
the target company with its own tokens...The acquiring company is not
obliged to replace the target tokens on mines."
So which is it; all tokens or all city tokens and optionally mines?

A - The acquiring company must replace all target tokens on cities with the only exception of cities where the acquiring company has a token already. The acquiring company may replace target tokens on mines if the President whishes so or may leave them vacant or may choose which ones to replace and which ones not. In conclusion, replacing tokens on mines is optional.


On the map the area called as Glesiente should in fact be Iglesiente.

There is a discrepancy between the rules and the board as to the starting Rank of a company. The rules correctly say that a company floated in phases 2, 3 or 4 will start from rank 1 on the first row of the Dragons Chart while companies floated in phases 5, 6 or 7 will start from the second row in the Dragons Chart. The text on the board at the left of the Dragons Chart should therefore be "* Initial in Phase 2-3-4 ** Initial in Phase 5-6-7"

Rules, Page 17 - 3.8 Major Companies, the example is this :

"In phase 5, Bob starts the FMS as a major company setting the price at L.110. He immediately pays L.220 for the
presidential certificate, this money flows into the FMS treasury. In his following turns in the stock round, Alan buys a further three certificates in the FMS paying L.330 in total to the FMS treasury. The FMS has not floated yet (only
50% shares sold). Later Alan comes to the rescue and buys a certificate in the FMS paying L.110 to the company
treasury. The company has floated (60% shares sold) and will operate in the following operating rounds. The stock round ends. The FMS has L.660 in the treasury and seven tokens (one of them in Cagliari), Bob has 50% in shares of the company, Alan has 10% shares in the company. There are four remaining certificate in the Initial Offer. The price of the FMS on the stock market is L.110."

Alan should actually read Bob.

Rules, Pages 19 & 20 - 3.12 Operations at the beginning of a stock round. The 3 actions are downgrade mines, adjust the company's rank and convert to a major company. In the example on page 20 it starts :

"The game is in phase 5. At the end of a stock
round, the RCSF rank moves down one row entering the red region of the chart"

Here, end should in fact read beginning.


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